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Vicky BF Yoga
Experienced ExMidwife
​YogaBirth Pregnancy Yoga Teacher
KGHypnobirthing Accredited Teacher

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Why Yogabirth?


 Pregnancy is the perfect time to discover yoga.

YogaBirth is the union of mind body and breath with preparation for birth and motherhood.

YogaBirth teaching is rooted in the body’s own intelligence and intuition.

My classes invite every woman bringing a new life into the world to connect with her innate wisdom through yoga.



I am Vicky Bryant-Funnell and I am delighted to be able to offer yoga classes to pregnant women from across Blackpool and the Fylde coast. These unique classes give you the opportunity to take time, to slow down, to connect with your baby and to breathe. A slower paced gentle form of yoga perfect for pregnancy, perfect for beginners.




Classes are by arrangement email to arrange


Pregnancy Yoga

By Arrangement

Pregnancy yoga class includes movement and breathing that is perfect for pregnancy as well a relaxation. This is followed by a short chat with a warm drink, biscuits and an opportunity to discuss and learn all things pregnancy related before you go home.

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Postnatal Yoga

Coming Soon

Come and be nourished as you find yourself in the post-birth world. Rest, relax and release as you breathe and move your body to the new rhythms that come with early motherhood. A class for post birth mums where baby comes too. From when you have had your 6-8 week postnatal check up until your baby starts to crawl! 

Contact me for more information.


KGHypnobirthing Classes
By Arrangement

Knowledge is everything when it comes to preparing for your baby's birth. This course will guide you and your birth partner to prepare for a calm and comfortable birth. Group and individual classes available upon request. 

The Studio

Vicky Bryant-Funnell

I have always had an interest in yoga, but only started practising after I became pregnant with my third child. Since then, I have practised yoga on and off, but my interest really grew when the practice of yoga helped me recover from illness and surgery.

As a midwife, I realised that the pregnant women I worked with could greatly benefit from yoga. In order to deepen my own knowledge I sought a pregnancy focussed teacher training course.


I trained with Yogabirth and have had the benefit of learning from the positive, knowledgeable and expert Yogabirth teachers. I also study yoga inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli and I attend workshops and regular classes from some of the country's leading Scaravelli inspired yoga teachers.


Both Yogabirth and Scaravelli inspired yoga lend themselves beautifully to develop the intelligence and wisdom of the body, and attending classes will support and prepare you for this momentous time in your life. I am also a KGHypnobirthing accredited teacher.


I am now retired from being a midwife after 22 years at a local Hospital Trust, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you as you join me on the mat, and take time to make space for yourself and your baby on your exciting journey to new motherhood.


I really enjoyed your yoga classes and I'm very grateful for the knowledge and support that you've shared with me throughout the months.
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